Raw Feeding - Information for the Layperson

    A Layperson's Guide to Learning about Raw Feeding

    by Jane Anderson

    Some starting questions to identify our current position

    • How did we get to this point? How did we get to a point in our society where we fundamentally change what an animal is supposed to eat, and replace it with a very poor substitute, charge more money, and even get our vets to sell it?

    • How did we get to a point where we make our dogs and cats eat an offensive product, which then proceeds to make it sick, or fat, or worse, and then look at feeding it another source of offensive product to try and fix that problem.

    • How did we get to a point where so called "prescription" pet foods, don't fix the problem their counterparts caused, and cost a bucket load of money?

    • How did we get to a point where our universities are not providing their students with the best education, but rather information from a company selling a product, and then providing funding or kickbacks to the university?

    Pet food was first created to provide an avenue to sell waste product from the human food chain. Straight from the start, the advertisers became involved, and without any evidence, claimed the products were wonderful for the animals.

    The truth, however, is far from that.

    There is not one single piece of evidence proving commercial pet foods have ever come close to meeting the nutritional needs of dogs, cats, or any other animal.

    Yet within our society, we have allowed our vets, our universities, our legislators to allow a completely inappropriate product to be provided to our animals. Now, it is time for each and every one of us to become better educated to understand commercial pet foods are entirely inappropriate for our dogs and cats.

    There is no such thing as a "natural" kibble. There is no such thing as a "holistic" kibble. There is no such thing as a "premium" or "quality" kibble. All are inappropriate for your dog. None come even close to being a worthy substitute for an appropriate raw diet for your animal.

    If you are a current animal owner, or an intending animal owner and you want to learn more, please join the raw feeding email list.

    Don't sit back any longer and let your vet try and sell you a product which is not good for your dog or cat. Do not allow a person with supposed "expert" knowledge who has not taken the time and energy to learn for themselves about appropriate canine nutrition, to sell you an offensive product like commercial pet foods.

    For the most part, many vets don't mean to get it wrong. You don't have to be angry with them. Merely forgive them for their lack of knowledge, and go and find a better educated vet, or at least one who encourages you to follow your own learning path. My vet, while being a technical expert, doesn't recommend a raw diet to the majority of his patients, but 100% supports my choices.

    . And if you have made the mistake of feeding commercial pet foods, look at the avenues of learning now you have before you, to rectify such errors. Your dog or cat, deserves as much.

Feel free to email me.

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