Tripe – why are you bothering?

Morning all,

I awoke today (thankfully), but to find another person lost in a haze of tripe-ness.

Why is it that people who at least seem to be intelligent, are falling head over heels with something that at best is a very average food to feed your dog?

One of my suppliers recently had a word with me, not knowing my history in the raw feeding world. He said, “just wondering if you feed tripe and are interested in some or know of anyone who’d be looking for some?”

He said it in such a way as it sounded like he was selling drugs, or have I missed something (quite possible) and now tripe is the new lingo for esctacy? (my spelling checker cannot even give me suggestions for how to spell that right.)

Anyway, I digress.

“No, I don’t feed tripe. It’s a rubbish product that people think is the new thing, and people are searching high and low for it.”

(now I’m paraphrasing) oh yes, he said, it’s a waste product for us, but we’re selling it for $8/kg and people are loving it!

So, here’s a product that they would normally throw out, and yet you can get good quality beef for less than half of that, and people can’t get enough. What the ?

Folks, tripe is one of those mythical superfoods. ie: it’s not. If you can get it for free, add a little into your dog’s diet. But certainly don’t pay for it. There is nothing special in tripe, although I do like it in yum cha where it’s cooked in ginger and garlic. Yummo.

So if you’ve fallen into the tripe trap, can you stand up, walk away, and dust off your clothes. Stop being triped.

have a lovely day,


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