Fixated on Fads

Are you fixated on supplying your pet with the latest just found ingredient, thinking that you’re guilty for not feeding that previously, and hoping for the miraculous outcome that so many other people are talking about?

Stop. Now.

There isn’t such.

The big thing at the moment is coconut. A bunch of people are making a ton of money from getting you to feed your pet yet another inappropriate food source.

Let’s just hope people are not going to start feeding their dog kale. I’m waiting to hear that soon. At least people are finally realising that pumpkin is entirely inappropriate to feed a carnivore. If it didn’t have 4 legs or swim, don’t feed it. Last pumpkin I threw into the pool, sunk. This means – don’t feed it. Ever. Even if it floats.

Now before you go kicking and screaming at the internet and turning yourself into a keyboard warrior (nice shield btw) just keep in mind – just because your dog/cat/ferret can eat something, doesn’t mean they should. Except for icecream. We should all eat that on special days, and then spend the next few days recovering from the sugar highs and lows.



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