Homeopathy – quack quack

Just because I’m a big proponent of feeding dogs naturally, this is because it’s based on scientific facts.  Dogs, cats, and ferrets evolved to eat as a carnivore.  Their digestive systems are not set up to manage a processed food diet.  And we don’t do well on it either.

So when it comes to things like homeopathy, yes, that’s something I’ve looked into, and came to conclusion that it is just another scam.  This is not to say that many of the people touting it’s so called benefits are bad people – most are lovely and well meaning.  It’s just that there are no robust scientific studies that have proven it works.

Pretty much this is how it works:  take a small amount of a substance which is claimed to help trigger a personal response to a health issue and then water it down so much that there is none of that trigger substance in the water.  Apparently the water will retain “memory” of that substance and the be able to fix a whole range of health issues.  Um….. what?


Look I’d love to be able to support alternative medicines and the like, but they are simply hocus pocus.

You are responsible for what your pets consume, and when it comes to health issues, seek a proper medical solution, not lolly water.  Your pet deserves real medical attention.

I’ll be the first to agree that not all vets are perfect.  Heck one of my jobs in the past (and I still do a little these days) is recruiting vets for vet practices.  And from this experience alone, I can offer this advice:  choose your vet carefully, and seek recommendations from experienced pet people when you do.

There are a range of “alternate” health practices that are of no value to your pet.  You may find the placebo effect works with you, but it can’t work with a pet.  To this end, avoid things like homeopathy, reiki, naturapathy, and the like.

For me, this meme below says it all to me:


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