What a load of tripe

Like clockwork someone announces a groovy new product that their dog must have.

The latest is tripe.  Now tripe is a product a carnivore would eat in the wild.  Would they eat much of it?  Pretty much no.  Tripe tends to be avoided by most carnivores, although my stupid young males will eat the intestines if they think that someone else might have it (all the girls are smart enough to avoid it).

Look if you can get your hands on it for free or very cheaply, by all means, feed it.  But it’s an average product.   And I’d advise saving your pennies for better food sources.

The part owner of one of the companies that supplies me turned up a few weeks ago to meet me (he must be new).  He doesn’t actually know my history in raw feeding, so he decided to give me the lecture on how great raw food is.  Um… let me explain who I am Mr !

Undeterred, he tried to sell me tripe.  Oh the cheek (no pun intended) of it.  At $8/kg it was twice the price I can get good quality beef from him.  After I gave him the look, and a few explanatory points he said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “well it’s just that some people think it’s a good idea and so we’re happy to sell it as we used to just throw it away.”

I can almost predict which authors and publications will come out promoting tripe next.  I will get a giggle out of it.  But I also will then have to deal with the 100 odd emails from people trying to get their hands on it.

Save yourself time and money, and don’t buy it.  And when you do read that article promoting it, say to yourself, “yep Jane said they’d try that.”

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March 2015

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