Raw food sources

For most people their local supermarket will provide most if not all their food needs.

For example, let’s say I have a labrador. I would go to the supermarket and buy 3-4 whole chickens from the fresh meat section. I’d cut the chicken (we call them chooks here) into 4 parts, ie: quarters. I’d feed a quarter of that per day. That means, I’ve got 16 meals out of 4 chickens. Now some labradors might need more than that, so perhaps in addition to the chicken quarter, you could give 1 lamb’s heart a day. If they aren’t readily available, perhaps beef heart, cut into 10 parts, depending on how big it is. Cost: $2-3/day to feed your dog. I don’t weigh my dogs’ food. I look at each dog each day and adjust their food based on their condition, and what they ate the day before.

There are some excellent groups on the net who will help you connect with suppliers in your area.

There are 2 main forums:

These are world-wide groups, so you will need to use their search function and ask questions to identify suppliers in your area.  If you dig a bit more, you may find more specialised groups for small regional areas.

Because of these groups, there have been a number of small business start up and are now successfully supplying increasing amounts of pet raw food.

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