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Good. Humans learn best when they can uncover information by looking at a number of different sources. This is an important part of your validation process combined with your ability to critically analyse information.

Over many, many years, myself and a group of admins who I’ve found over time, have gotten together to run a bunch of no nonsense groups. If you want straight talking, no nonsense, to the point information, these groups are for you.

Please note, there are no books I recommend that cover raw feeding directly. Certainly I’ve had something to do with a few of the main authors over the years, but I found that while it was handy to be able to say to someone, hey read this, there wasn’t one book that actually was able to keep the information straight without wandering off into to some other route containing incorrect information, and sometimes even the author was simply a bit of a pain to deal with. (if ya fallen out with me, there will always be sound reasons from my position.)

Let’s be frank too – time to put on your big girl panties if you want to join these groups and prefer moddle coddling and the like. If you want to feed raw and processed foods at the same time – none of these groups listed below are for you. If after all the reading you still want to feed coconut, pumpkin, veggies, fruit, and/or bread/ or any processed foods, these groups are not for you. Please refer to previous paragraph about no nonsense etc. Oh, and advertisers are strictly banned other than on the suppliers groups, which also must meet our strict rules.

I should also note, if you’re one of those people who think the world centres around them, and that these groups listed below should have all 25,000 people on them immediately turn their attention to you, and preferably change the groups’ whole approach to how you think things should be run, you’ll quickly find yourself looking for help from somewhere else. And yes sometimes the list admin people can seem a little stiff and quirky, because you know, they are human.

And the primary reason our groups have lasted nearly 20 years (yes, can you believe that kiddies), and are the biggest on the internet is because of this straight forward approach.

Ok, fingers crossed these links work, if they don’t, write a comment down the bottom, and I’ll hold my tongue the right way and fix them:

The main forums today are now at facebook. I’m going to list them first. The 2nd and older forums use an email based approach and are hosted through yahoogroups.

The main raw feeding group – lots of information in the archives. Grab a cup of coffee before you start and click on the files tab and start reading.

Raw Chat – you can post one or two cute pics here, ask what treats you can give your dog, generally post some sort of “off-topic” posts here, but don’t stray too far off path. This is not the place to advertise your beaut new go fund me page, or other so called worthy cause. Unless that gofundme page is directly associated with sending the list admin large amounts of alcohol, and then we’ll consider it closely. And if you want to promote that cute picture of your dog on another site and you need 15000 votes to get him/her to win the first place blue ribbon – you guessed it – don’t post the link here. Seriously, we don’t care. Our own dogs are much cuter anyway.

This group is specifically to help match up suppliers with purchasers. Yes, this is where you can find supplies in your area. Hint: for the most part, the vast majority of people will find that their local supermarket can give them all or most of what they need. This is not the place to advertise the latest so called raw feeding seminar (we don’t run them, and we’ve never seen one that was actually any good), nor the place to advertise footwear etc. You get my drift.

Ok, the older forums on yahoogroups

– all contain a load more info than the facebook groups, but the search function on the archives is not great, and there is not as much discussion as there used to be.

The main raw feeding group. – millions of posts, nearly, dating far back, probably before you were born.
The chat group – but stray too far from the main topic. ie: got an issue with training? then join a training group.
Finding suppliers – from around the world

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